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You could suffer from holiday blues after summer

September is coming and summer holidays will finish for a lot of people. Summer is one of the most awaited season of the year. The main reason is that almost everybody have holidays and disconnect from work.

Some places are organized to visit them in order to disconnect from routine. After you have enjoyed some days with family, couple, children, friends… parties, beach or swimming pool, dinner, lunch… The time will come to come back at home and work. For a lot of people this change from holiday to routine can become a problem, this problem is called “holiday blues”.

People are more inclined to suffer it when they fester quickly, long holidays, hostile environment at work or any circumstance to not feel good at work. That situation is a consequence of difficulty adaptation, so after a long holiday some people are not ready to do their work.

Each person is different so symptoms of holiday blues can be different from one to another. Factors that have the greatest impact on symptoms are the person himself, environment, job responsibility and much more. The main symptom of holiday blues are stress and anxiety and these symptoms are showed:

  • Blue mood
  • Apathy
  • Anxiety
  • Low energy
  • Reluctance for activities and administrative tasks
  • Yearn for past periods

The problem of this symptoms is decrease quality of life and fell wrong in some aspects of life. Each person will live different symptoms; it is recommendable follow some advices to reduce them when you come back from holidays:

  • If your holidays are in a different place of home, you should organize your return at job some days before.
  • Although you are in holidays, you should begin some routine activities (activities out of work) and do sport. Practice sports during holidays will be a perfect way to maintenance our activity.
  • Adaptation of timetable gradually: bedtime, waking up time, etc.
  • Adaptation of your daily activities step by step. You should not bring your work at home.
  • Make an appointment for a relaxing massage to manage anxiety or stress.


Ultimately, you should take routine easy because your life has not finished after holidays.

Live and enjoy every moment of your life

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