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What can you have dinner this Christmas with Malaga cuisine?

December is here and everybody are stressed with Christmas lunch. It is time of lunches with family and friends. Christmas Eve could be the most important night and an opportunity to show what you are able to cook.

The main objective is impressing with tastes as well as the presentation of the table. If you are not sure about what you want to cook for that night, we are going to tell you some receipts of Malagueña cuisine in order to impressive to your family and friends.

There are a lot of shapes and ingredients to cook a tasty Christmas dinner, choosing between meets, fishes, creams, bread, vegetables and desserts. The following receipts are from Malagueña cuisine.

We start with the first course:

Now the weather is cold so a soup is the best option. In this case, we talk about Viña AB soup. It is a natural receipt thanks to their ingredients from Mediterranean area. This tasty soup is made with hake, monkfish and clams.

Other hot soup is carroñera soup. This soup can be served very hot and oranges should have a bitter taste. This receipt from Velez is typical in winter.

The second course can be meat or fish. A meat option can be pork tenderloin or fish option as Medallones of monkfish perchelero style. The tenderloin, after seasoned, you can simmer it or you can use the oven (with butter, carrot and onion). Besides you need to prepare a tasty sauce with a wide variety of condiments.

Monkfish Medallones are typical in autumn and winter, are so tasty and a great meat. It is an easy receipt, you will need just 45 minutes. Its final presentation is spectacular because it is flamed with wine and brandy.

Finally, desserts. There are a lot of types of desserts and you can buy these plates with small desserts. Some of them that you could made to finish the dinner:

  • Gruel
  • Custard with biscuits
  • Fruit Salad

Maybe you want to complicated more your dinner; however, we think that it is more important invest time with your loved ones is the best plan. These are easiest receipts and too much known around Málaga.

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