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Typical food of Málaga cuisine for summer

Málaga has a very completed Mediterranean cuisine, wide variety of dishes for winter or summer. Now we are in summer, so we tell you about typical food for summer.

Firstly, some dishes summery to start within Málaga cuisine:

You can enjoy cold soups or salads, any choice is perfect and yummy. You should taste ajoblanco, a garlic and almond based soups known far and wide. This cold soup has the next ingredients: almonds, garlic, oil, vinegar, salt and water (grapes can be added). Porra antequerana, also known as “salmorejo” in the province of Córdoba. It is a cold tomato based soup and their ingredients are tomato, pepper, garlic, bread, vinegar, salt and it is combined with ham pieces and boiled egg.

In the salads, Spawn Salad (Ensalada de Huevas) is very typical on restaurants. The most common is spawn of hake but can be used of other fishes. Spawns are combined with tomato, pepper, garlic, oil, vinegar and salt. Then we have another dish, avocado Cocktail with prawns and capers; avocados, prawns and capers create a delicious dish with cheese, lemon, orange and eggs.

Secondly, some main dishes within Málaga cuisine:

In meat dishes we can find Pork tenderloin Málaga style. Pork was usual food on villages. Pork tenderloin is spiced and it is accompanied by carrots, onion, peas and boiled egg. With its long coastline bordering on the Mediterranean, fresh fish is available the whole year. In summer is typical and essential eating “espetos”, sardines roasted in wood fired on the beach. About fresh fish we recommend you Stuffed squid Málaga style, squids are stuffed with a mass of onion, almonds, ham, squid and boiled egg.

And finally, we finish talking about bakery on Málaga cuisine. We recommend you “Tortas Locas Malagueñas”, a very typical dessert that you can find in any bakery. They are made of puff pastry filled with pastry cream, covered with egg yolk and glazed.

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