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Tips on decorating your office with a modern design

One of the spaces in which we dedicate hours and hours of our lives is in the office. Spaniards are  for an average of 9 hours and 20 minutes, 38% of the hours a day has in the office. For this reason the space should be organized and decorated in order to stimulate workers and a pleasant atmosphere.

It is important to take into account our personal image or the corporate image we want to show our customers. Each type of office requires a decoration that combines the latest trends in real estate as well as accessories, and today we will give you some tips to decorate your modern office.

The best wall colours for an office are white, grey or even silver. The use of these colors creates a wider environment and facilitates the combination with the furniture. White brings peace, comfort and helps clarify thoughts. White will be a great ally in times of more stress in the office. Grey should not predominate on the walls, it is recommended its use as a decorative element. For example, to paint only some areas of the wall. The same with silver, the colour of the moon, evokes speed and dynamism. It is also a colour that reflects brilliance and luxury, giving an elegant look to our office. We do not recommend that you paint the walls completely silver, but you might consider it when buying accessories for your office.

Lighting is an important factor, not only as a matter of aesthetics but it is essential for us to be able to do our daily tasks. Lighting influences our health, so we need to achieve a balance between quantity, quality and stability of light. You should choose offices with large windows because it would be the best way to enjoy natural light. In the event of needed artificial light, ceiling lamps (oval-shaped they give a more modern look to the office) give more light to the full space. These industrial-style hanging lamps are perfect for large sized offices, giving them a contemporary look and great design.

Once we already have the wall painted and decided the lighting of the office we must choose the furniture. Firstly, you need to be clear about your furniture budget. Depending on the amount of your budget, your purchase will vary by brands, quality, design and durability. If you don’t want an office whose appearance lasts for many years and you want to renew it from time to time, you can opt for modern furniture but whose price is reduced (the quality will be inferior too); but if you want your office lasts for years with the same design and furniture you must take into account that the investment will be higher. Keep in mind the dimensions of your office space to know what size furniture to may be chosen it. The colours of the furniture will depend on the color of the walls. We have recommended you to use white which widens the range of colors to use. In this case, dark-coloured furniture (black or navy blue) is the one that best combines and gives the modern look of the office.

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