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Tips for tuning your garden in the spring

The arrival of spring came on the 20 th of the previous month and the gardens are slowly beginning to bloom. It is the perfect time to get in touch with gardens so when the weather is better we can enjoy the outside. Tending a garden is not an easy task, so it is important to know several task which can help you.

If you are a gardening lover you are in the perfect moment to enjoy and dedicate more hours to your garden.

Having a perfect lawn

With winter grass can be damaged, so it is important to keep it during that time. If there was no good care or it was a hard winter, we will find thick layer of soil, roots and leaves that cause the water no to filter, With the arrival of the sun it can cause the grass to dry out. What can be the solution? We must remove this layer manually (with a rake) or with specific machines. If you do not see yourself with time or patience to get the rake on your lawn, you could call a gardening service and they will get you a perfect lawn.

Are there insects in your garden?

Spring is time when insects such as caterpillars, aphids, ants, cockroaches, rodents, etc. can appear and gardens are highly susceptible to a plague. In order to heal the garden we will have to carry out a fumigation and not let the time pass since the situation could get worse. If it is a mild pest, the use of insecticides or special products (important to take into account the type of plants) is enough to eradicate the problem. If we observe that the plague is large and no easy to kill it, the hiring of pest experts would be the solution.

What’s with the herbs over there?

If the garden is neglected, it is likely that known “weeds” will appear. These are plants that grow in places we do not want them to grow and are toxic to all plants around them. The spring entrance is the time to throw these plants out of the garden. Before starting to remove them with the help of a shovel or a garden acorn, we must have wet area to facilitate the exit of the roots.

Empowering the ground

There are a variety of home tricks to improve soil properties. Some tricks are to bury are to bury food scraps and mix them with the substrate or to water the plants with the aquarium water (when we have changed it).

Trees and shrubs

Some gardens have trees and shrubs and now it is time to prune them. With this maintenance action you remove the old branches as well as the dry ones, preparing them so new branches sprout.

New colours for the garden

If we want to have a new colour to the garden, we need to integrate new plants. It is essential to take into account the space we have since placing a large number of plants very close to each other is a mistake. The best thing is that there is space between them so when they grow they are not mixed and their maintenance is easier. The minimum space that must be between them is 30 cm minimum, this distance will increase in relation to the size of the plants.

The irrigation system

Having an automatic irrigation system is one way to ensure the maintenance of the garden especially in those that are large. Sometimes you can not have a system of this type because of the costs it represents, in that case we can use bottles to make a small hole and put them next to each plant. The latter would create a manual drip irrigation system.

Furniture to fully enjoy our garden

Once we have started to start our garden and continue with its care, we must think about how to enjoy it. In the market there is an endless number or articles in relation to outdoor furniture, from pergola under which to rest and enjoy good company. Tables and chairs to enjoy any meal of the day, armchairs to sit on and read a good book on… Think about how you want to enjoy your garden and choose the furniture that you like and adapt to your needs.

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