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Tips for moving

We are a Real Estate in Costa del Sol so we know how difficult the moves are. But if you don’t want them to become a nightmare you should follow those advices…the move will be very easy!

  • Clean. The moves are the perfect moment for getting rid of the things we don’t use, but if you prefer to keep everything in our luxury houses in Costa del Sol you won’t have any problem because they have storage room for everything you want.
  • Do a survival kit. Think that the move’s day and night (and the following day) you will have everything in boxes, so the best thing is that you have a bag with necessary things like sheets, towels, pajamas, toilet bag and clean clothes.
  • Hire a removal company. The best thing is to hire a removal company. There are a lot of them in Costa del Sol.
  • The boxes. You can buy boxes in furniture and deco shops or you can buy them to the removal company. The best thing is to start packaging bit by bit, the things you don’t use daily first.
  • Do it in order. The first thing we think in a removal is “how can I package a whole house?” If you do it in order it is easy. You must package each room in different boxes and then write which room they are in the box. You must make an inventory too.
  • What can I do when the things arrive to my new home? The first thing is to organize the boxes in the different rooms, so you won’t have everything in the same place. The perfect order for unpack the things is: kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and dining room.

You have to know that our exclusives houses in Costa del Sol have furnished kitchen, bedrooms with wardrobe…so the removal will be easier.


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