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Tips for moving with pets

Reserva del Higuerón knows that the time to make a move is when we realize the many belongings we have and we must take to another new home. We must not lose the illusion of change because of the stress caused by moving and especially when we have to do it with a pet. There are several steps that help make moving your pet easier and without many problems.

Just as people get very nervous about moving, so do our pets. Pets are accustomed to a few hours of walking and meals, so they will notice the changes in their routine. So people should help them to reduce their stress as much as possible.

A basic advice is to start putting everything in boxes in time, not leaving it for the last minute but do it step by step. So your pet also take the pace of change gradually. Even if the organization of the move takes time, it is important to keep walking and eating habits as similar as possible.

Some tips to keep in mind, focusing on cats and dogs:

  • Organize in a folder (if you do not have it) and display it with certificate documents, veterinarian appointments, and immunization schedules. It would be advisable to make photocopies in case they get lost in the transport.
  • Visit your vet to update the microchip information with the new address. If a veterinarian needs to be changed, you should ask your current veterinarian for a complete medical history in order to submit it to the next veterinarian.
  • Prepare a bag of “essentials” for our pet such as: food, drink, prizes to which they are accustomed. In the case of cats, prepare a box with sand, without it being too heavy (depends on the needs).
  • If your new home is nearby, you visit it with your pet and get to know the new environment.
  • On the day of the move, it is recommended that you take a quiet and well-ventilated room with enough water, food and a bed to rest for your pet. In this way they will save of stress of that day and not forget to visit them sometimes. If possible, you can also leave your pet with a friend or family member.
  • If we go in our usual vehicle during the move, your pet must go too. They should not be transported in a van or moving truck in order to protect them physically and not feel anything different.
  • If you have to take a plane, make sure that the company you are traveling admits pet transportation and take into account the specifications of how it should be transported. Take the tickets as early as possible and try take direct flights (more advisable).
  • Move the last one your pet. Ideally, the pet should arrive at the new home already furnished and prepared for them, but this is often not possible because of the time you have had to move. Therefore, you could prepare a small corner in which your pet feels comfortable surrounded by familiar objects.
  • After you move in, take your dog for a walk as soon as possible. In this way they can explore the new neighborhood, new smells, new friends, etc. so they reduce the stress you have been able to capture and start locating the new home. In Reserva del Higuerón there are areas where you can walk with your pet and it feels comfortable.

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