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This autumn walk along Ronda, Málaga

Autumn is coming and on the 23th of this month will start officially. Now weather is colder than summer but it is not winter cold. For this reason is the perfect weather in order to rural tourism and visit some city or village.

Specifically, today let`s talk about Ronda. This Spanish municipality is located in the center of Serranía de Ronda. It is approximately 107 km away from Benalmádena (very close to Reserva del Higuerón) and has a population of just over 34.000 inhabitants (last data from 2016).

It is situated on al plateau that is crossed by a deep ravine and surrounded by nature, next to historic buildings makes it a wonderful place to visit. It is the third most visited place in Andalusia, when you visit this city you will see a lot of Asian tourism.

Nature is everywhere in this area where you find Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park and Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. The first natural park has been catalogued such as Biosphere Reserve (awarded by Unesco for conciliation about take care of nature). Meanwhile, Sierra de Grazalema is a very rainy place southern Spain. Both natural parks have a wide variety of vegetation and flora.

The places you should visit if you’re going to Ronda:

  • New bridge: from this bridge you will be able to enjoy incredible views over the Tajo de Ronda. Because of its dimensions and antiquity become the monument most know and bigger of Ronda.
  • Arabic baths: are the best preserved of Spain. These are located in the old Arabic neighborhood of the city.
  • Mondragon Palace: you will fall in love gardens and tranquility. In this palace you will find the municipal museum whose theme is centered on the own history of the city.
  • Arab walls: due to its geographical location and history has walled areas (just there are some parts).
  • Duquess of Parcent Squeare: it is a very crowded place of people, at night or during the day. There you find a church of Santa María la Mayor, the most important in Ronda.
  • Cuenca Gardens: they are close to Tajo and you will be able to see wonderful gardens.
  • Viewpoint of Aldehuela and “pussy” balcony: for sure you are thinking whether this name is true. The second name is a popular name that appear because everybody exclaims “pussy” (expression of astonishment in Spanish) on seeing the height.
  • Cat cave: maybe now it is not the perfecto weather to take a dip in the middle of nature, but it is a nice place to see. Besides, this cave is close to Ronda.

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