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The importance of natural light in architecture

When we talk about lighting, within architecture, we are faced with a series of techniques for the treatment of light. These techniques have as main objective the illumination of the interior spaces as well as exteriors. Depending on the needs to be covered, the lighting systems will be composed of natural or electric light.

In this post we have focused on the importance of natural light, considering it as a basic material in architecture that gives warmth and influences the perception of space, among others.

That a space possesses natural light is one of the most valued conditions, because possessing it gives quality of life. Perhaps you do not know many of the benefits that are obtained from it, but we tell you some of them.

The day to day can stress us and even reach a depressive state. Natural light can have very positive effects on our mood. Actions as simple as raising the blind and give us sunlight or read a book by the side of a window, are some small pleasures that life give us.

Our eyes adapt better to natural light than to artificial light, thus obtaining less ocular tension. It is also the one that helps to a better definition of the colors and a better vision of the three-dimensional elements. But the concept of light not only focuses on illuminating but is another element that reinforces creativity. Architects must not only study the amount of light that enters, but also do so creatively.

The best thing to light go into is that find as few barriers as possible. That is to say, to take into account the distribution. Some of the options that allow a greater entry of natural light are intercommunicated and open floors. The rooms that usually have more hours of light are the kitchen, living room and dining room, if you join them you can gain space and more light.

The interior courtyards are another option that helps to obtain natural light and that in addition they can bring the nature. They manage to regulate the temperature of the home, making it comfortable and efficient.

In addition to advantages in the health it has them on the economic side. As we well know it is a renewable energy as well as free. During daylight hours it helps to reduce the electricity bill but if your architect has taken it into account. Having natural light at home is not complicated but must be taken into account in the project to get the maximum performance.

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