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Summer parties in Costa del Sol

If you live in Reserva del Higuerón we are sure you know that it is a peaceful place.

But calm is good for some days, but other ones you want to go out and have fun, and more in summer!

If you live in Reserva del Higuerón you are lucky because all these parties and fairs are celebrated near your home in summer.


  • June 5th-11th: Marbella Fair. In June there is the fair of Marbella, where you can have so much fun. The “Day Fair” is in Avenida Doctor Maíz Vinals and the “Night Fair” is in Arroyo Primero. Marbella is 35 km far away from Reserva del Higuerón.
  • June 23rd: San Juan Night. This night is the most magical night of the year. You can enjoy different parties and concerts in all the towns of Costa del Sol. Near Reserva del Higuerón you can go to Castillo El Bil Bil (Benalmádena) or to Fuengirola.
  • June 23rd: Arroyo de la Miel Fair. It is celebrated in honour to San Juan so it starts in his night and it ends some days later. Arroyo de la Miel is 10 minutes from Reserva del Higuerón.
  • End of June-early in July: Las Lagunas Fair. In June it is celebrated the fair of this neighbourhood of Mijas, and it is very near Reserva del Higuerón (8 km).


  • July 14th-16th: Feria del Carmen of Torremolinos. The official fair of Torremolinos is in September but the town has more little fairs in June, July and August. The most important is “la Feria del Carmen”. Torremolinos is 10 minutes away from Reserva del Higuerón.
  • July 16th: “Fiestas del Carmen”. On July 16th is is the day of Virgin Carmen, Patron Saint of sailors. That is why in Malaga this day is so special. There are beautiful celebrations in Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, etc.
  • End of July: La Cala Fair.La Cala is a neighbourhood of Mijas and it has a little fair at the end of July.


  • August 12nd-19th: Malaga Fair. It is celebrated from the second Friday of august until the Sunday of the following week and it is inaugurated with a spectacular exhibition of fireworks.

In September there are more parties like Mijas Town Fair, that is only 5 minutes from Reserva del Higuerón.

Along the summer there are more fairs, open-air dances and parties, you won’t be bored!

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