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RH Privé People | Theresa Zabell

From Reserva del Higuerón Privé we want to present a new concept that we have been developing to show you the wealth of people we have in our community: RH Privé People

RH Privé People wants to bring you interviews, experiences and fantastic stories of people who live or are linked to our Privé community.

We wanted the first person we interviewed to leave us with their mouths open and, how could it be otherwise, our first interviewee has exceeded our expectations and has given us a great lesson from which we can all learn.

Of all the interesting people we have in our urbanization, today we want to introduce you to Theresa Zabell.

Theresa is a veteran of these lands. Do you know who it is? She is a great Spanish ex-sailor with two Olympic medals and three golds in world championships behind her. Awesome, right? Well that’s not all.

In addition to being a great Olympic athlete representing our country, Theresa is also the general director of the Ecomar Foundation, a project that aims to preserve the environment and train children to learn how to care for their planet.

Here are excerpts from the interview that we had the pleasure of conducting:

“I would have loved to be (in the J.J.O.O. Los Angeles 1984). Also, the wind conditions in LA suited me very well. I beat even uncles. Why didn’t I go to the games? For the simple reason that women still weren’t going to the Olympic Games ”

“In the end a plastic bag is a symbol […] We should put more emphasis on the carbon footprint of the house which we use. The footprint of producing a cloth bag can be 10 times greater than that of a plastic one. ”

“We will do about 40 or 50 coastal cleaning activities. […] I think that by the end of the year we will have removed about 7 tons of garbage from the Spanish coast. And all this only with children! ”

Do you want to know more about Theresa Zabell and her work at Fundación Ecomar? Watch his interview!

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