guillermo rodríguez | President

Welcome to Reserva del Higuerón Privé

With a BA in Architecture from the California Berkeley University, a Councillor of Town Planning and Arrangement for the Town Council of Fuengirola for two presidential terms and the President of Reserva del Higuerón for 15 years (2000-2015), I am a father to 4 girls and a true sea-lover.

Reserva del Higuerón Privé was created from the need to provide an excellent service to our customers and with individuality as our motto. Turning your property into a home is our commitment. A team of professionals has been devoted to designing, building and decorating your property to meet all your expectations.

A long list of options is made available to you during the building process so that you can make your property unique and feel fully satisfied.

RH Privé is specialised in full town planning developments, where the surroundings are as important as the property itself. Quality of life is a principle in all our developments.  Fully planned green areas following the instructions of our expert landscape designers, entertainment and meeting facilities, shopping centres and, surely, sports facilities are standard in all our developments.

Safety is another very important aspect we take care of in order to ensure the comfort and peace of mind our customers deserve. We equip our properties with CCTV systems and access control security in order to ensure your stay is totally pleasant. We work with the best security companies in the area.

The use of the best materials and home automation systems with the purpose of obtaining the highest building and environmental quality is in our objectives.

I would like to say a big See you soon! and wish for your dreams to come true if you choose to experience Reserva del Higuerón with us.