Ours is a story
of effort, temperament and passion.

We date back to the 50’s in Spain, specifically 1953. Guillermo Rodríguez Alonso, a restless industrious man with a deep entrepreneurial insight, decided to cross the sea departing from his beloved Galicia, with his eyes put in Venezuela and the hope to build himself a great future.

At 19 years of age, he was determined to gain himself a place in the Caribbean country and created his first company, i.e. a small carpentry where young Guillermo took his first steps as an enthusiastic businessman. This would be the first step to embark on a new business adventure to later on found another company that specialised in printing. Later on he would set up his first real estate development company, which envisioned the start of an iconic story.

After 10 years in Venezuela, he returned to Spain and met the one who would become his companion in this exciting journey, his wife Mari Luz Martínez.

These were good times in Spain as the country was one of opportunities and Guillermo started up a new carpentry business project in this country, incorporating the most advanced systems and procedures at the time, which he acquired in his travels throughout North America.  This knowledge put him at the forefront of the sector, contributing to his great success, while he always remained highlight capable of differentiating between perspectives, which is the core upon which the essence of his companies is built.

In the 70s, during one of his family trips to the Costa del Sol, he fell in love with the coast of Fuengirola, where he envisaged yet again a new business opportunity.  That is when he decided to promote and develop a new real estate project, in which he was joined by his two children, and concluding in 1975.

In the 90’s the company decided to explore new horizons. The two Rodríguez Martínez brothers, brilliant and advanced architects, trained in the prestigious North American University of Berkeley, USA, continued their careers in other business sectors until 1998, when they resumed their work with the real estate company together with a state-of-the-art modern studio of architects where they could design, plan and build the first property developments that would be the origins of the Reserva del Higuerón brand name.

It has been nearly 30 years since the start of a story of efforts, work, temperament and passion leading to the creation of an international renowned and recognised brand name.

In 2015, Guillermo Rodríguez Martínez, the eldest of the brothers and a reputed architect holding a “Cum Laude” university title from Berkeley, cofounder of the brand name and lifestyle Reserva del Higuerón, launched his own ensign, i.e. Reserva del Higuerón Privé.

Maintaining the philosophy and high quality and service standards of the original brand name, Guillermo junior promoted a new spirit associated with branded properties, the Reserva del Higuerón lifestyle. It stood out for a type of architecture that was state-of-the-art, elegant, subtle and differentiating, which were always the footprint of his work.  But also every housing estate was provided with a touch of distinction and values associated with their future proprietors, with a view to make them see their property as the home they would have drawn themselves in order to tell a part of their own lives.



To create branded homes for people who look for customised properties.  A property name with heart and soul, where people are the source of inspiration for every new architectural project.