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Peninsula Villas | Discover our work of art

Have you heard of Peninsula Villas? Today we want to present a work of art with Privé seal. Before going into detail, we want you to have some information on how the Peninsula concept was born; Our purpose was to capture what we understand by art in a promotion that goes beyond. Peninsula Villas is work, sensations, inspiration and design.

Welcome to our latest work of art, welcome to Peninsula Villas By RH Privé.


We know that for a work of art to be enjoyed and contemplated in the most faithful and realistic way possible, it must be illuminated by as much sunlight as possible.

How have we managed to maximize the light with this promotion? The villas are designed as color light catalysts. In addition, it is composed of great windows facing the sun and the sea.


The experiences lived are what define our path. Therefore, Peninsula has been created to create and reflect these in your day to day.

The Reserve is very connected to the sea; Therefore, the presence of water in our projects is key to reflect the essence and Mediterranean lifestyle.


A work of art deserves only the best materials for its creation. Therefore, every construction detail, from the foundation to the facade, is carefully and carefully chosen to meet the expectations of our customers.

For you

With such a unique design, dreamlike views and a privileged location, we only need you to complete this work.

Peninsula Villas is the most exclusive proposal of Reserva del Higuerón Privé. Do you want to meet her?

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