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Passivhaus – Building a future

Since we started the activity of Reserva del Higuerón Privé, our eagerness to blend in with nature and respect the place offered by the reserve led us to build conscientiously and with great respect for the environment.

Therefore, today we want to talk about a concept that we have very internalized and that, in addition, we are passionate about: Passivhaus

It is inevitable to know that we have great power to permanently damage the environment with our actions. Therefore, adopting an attitude of responsibility towards this cause is of vital importance and should be part of the thinking of any company, whether small or large.

Passivhaus or Passive House is a German concept that dates back to the 80s. This concept revolves around low consumption in homes. This construction model is based on equipping the entire building with great thermal insulation, taking advantage of the sun’s energy for air conditioning and reducing the energy consumption of the house.

This construction model is, above all, perfect for the Mediterranean climate of our reserve. Why? A building located in a country in northern Europe suffers a much more severe climate in the winter months; In this type of construction, you can save up to 80% of the energy for thermal conditioning. However, Spain has a more constant climate than the Northerners, so consumption could improve by up to 60%, which would give us a Class A rating, the best possible classification.

Thanks to the Passivhaus model, buildings and homes do not need active heating systems, since it uses the energy of the sun to provide heat, the energy of the inhabitants of the home and even of household devices.

Do you want a PassivHaus home? Talk to our sales team to inform you about all the advantages of this construction model that looks to the future!

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