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Living on the Costa del Sol is a luxury

We have said several times, Costa del Sol is a perfect place to live. Reserva del Higuerón is in the middle of this area, offering you all the necessary commodities for a quiet or busy life. Maybe you do not believe us, so today we tell you about this place.

It is consider one of the best European areas to live. Mainly holidays is when there are more people, Spanish people or from any country of the world. But once they have stayed here, they will dream with a house to live there.

The main factor to take this decision is the climate, where summer could be considered hot and night a little bit cold. The probability of rain is low, being winter and summer the periods in which the appearance of rain is concentrated.

If you are looking for is a quiet life and where you can also enrich your culture, Malaga has a wide range of theatres as well as museums. In addition you can go to many festivals that are held throughout the year in the capital “Malagueña”. Another reason to enjoy the culture is the architecture that characterizes this city. The years that the Muslims lived in this territory is demonstrated by architecture showing a great beauty.

But if you want to have a busy life, it is also your place. Getting bored on the Costa del Sol is not possible, there is always activity in its restaurants, sports areas (the number of golf courses stands out), nautical activities, shops, shopping centers, parks, pubs and much more. Activities for all ages.

If you also like to travel, you will have at your disposal the fourth airport in Spain by number of passengers. Thus you can travel to many parts of the world from very close to your home.

If you like the sea and the mountains, you also have everything. It has a great variety of beaches among which to choose to have a rest in front of the sea. You can also enjoy mountainous landscapes in the Sierra de las Nieves (a natural park classified as a Biosphere Reserve).

And finally, the people of Malaga will steal your soul with their joy and effort to integrate you.

Honestly, it is perfect place to live… does it?

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