Reserva del Higuerón
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Know the sourrondings area of Reserva del Higuerón

As we have talked in some occasion, Reserva del Higuerón is in a privilege space, between Benalmadena and Fuengirola and very near to the beach.

Today we want you to know better everything that you can find near to the luxury houses of Reserva del Higueron and where you can have a good day with your family, couple or friends.

  • Benalmadena. The Urbanisation Reserva del Higuerón is in this coastal town of Malaga. We have written about Benalmadena before.

  • Bioparc Fuengirola. An animal park in the centre of Fuengirola, in the Avenida Camilo Jose Cela, 10 minutes from Reserva del Higuerón. It is a park dedicated to the conservation of tropical species and species that are adapted to the jungle of Asia, Africa and islands of Indo-Pacific. Here you can find incredible species like pygmy hippopotamus, gorillas of coast, lemurs, crocodiles, flamingos, turtles, meerkats…A wonderful place for having a good day with your family.

  • Golf courses. There are a lot of golf courses near to Reserva del Higuerón, you can consult it here.

  • Colomares Castle. A monument in Benalmadena, 3 kilometres from Reserva del Higuerón. It is a tribute to Cristobal Colón and the Discovering of America. It was built by a Doctor between 1987 and 1994, and his idea was to praising Cristobal Colón and reclaiming his origin. The monument is very curious.

  • Benalmadena Hockey Club. If in your family there are hockey lovers you are lucky because the Benalmadena Hockey Club, the oldest of Andalusia, is 5 minutes from Reserva del Higuerón. Here you can go to hockey classes or watching matches.
  • Stupa of the Illumination. Do you know that the biggest stupa of Occident is only 5 minutes from Reserva dle Higuerón? Yes. The Stupa of the Illumination with its 33 metres of altitude is the biggest one in Europe. The Stupa is based in one of the eight Tibetan classes of Stupas that there are. This one is the one that represents the illumination of Buda and represents peace, prosperity and harmony. It is a very peaceful place.

  • Fuengirola. The Urbanisation Reserva del Higuerón is near to Fuengirola, discover this town here.

  • Cave of Lourdes Virgin. 5 minutes from Reserva del Higuerón, next to the Stupa of the Illumination, there is this peaceful and retire place for praying. It is an itinerary that ends in a balcony where you can see beautiful views of Mediterranean Sea. A wonderful walk very near to luxury houses of Reserva del Higuerón.
  • Butterfly Park of Benalmadena. Very near to the Stupa of the Illumination and only 3 minutes from Reserva del Higuerón you can visit the Butterfly Park of Benalmadena, the biggest space dedicated to butterflies in Europe. 2000 m2 where there are 150 different species of butterflies.

  • Beach and littoral walk. Reserva del Higuerón is in Costa del Sol so there are a lot of beach very near to the Urbanisation. Know more about the beaches here.

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