Benalmádena Pueblo
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Know Benalmádena with Reserva del Higueron

Luxury houses of Reserva del Higuerón are in a unique place, between two popular towns in Costa del Sol, Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

In this post we invite you to know better the place where our luxury houses are, Benalmadena.

Benalmadena is a town in Costa del Sol and it is 22 km away from Malaga.

It has about 27 km2, from Sierra de Mijas to Mediterranean Sea. It is between Torremolinos, Alhaurin de la Torre, Mijas and Fuengirola.

It has more than 67.000 habitants, who live in three neighbourhoods: Benalmadena Pueblo, Arroyo de la Miel and Benalmadena Costa. More than 17.300 habitants are foreign, most of them from United Kingdom.

  • Arroyo de la Miel. It was born in XVIII siècle, in a country house and some paper factories. The name (“Honey Stream”) is because there were a lot of honeycombs because streams and torrents there.
There is a Train Station in Arroyo de la Miel


  • Benalmadena Costa (the coast). Here there are a lot of hotels. It is a place with a lot of tourism.
The Promenade of Benalmadena


  • Benalmadena Pueblo (the town). It was the old town, where the Muslims started to live. It is a beautiful white town in the eastern area.
One Square of Benalmadena Pueblo

During Muslims years the development of the city was great, but with the arrival of Castilla Crown, the development stopped because some natural disaster and pirates. With the industry and later with the tourism it started to become one of the main tourist destination of Costa del Sol.

There are a lot of things for doing in the city, an amusement park, two aquariums, a casino, a cable car and a marina.

There are a lot of interesting places.

  • Caves. There are 4 caves, the most important is Cueva del Toro, that was a sanctuary.
  • Archaeology site. Cerro de la Era, Cerro de Capellanía, Benalroma, Torremuelle, Los Molinillos…
  • Towers. Torremuelle, Torre Quebrada and Torre Bermeja are the 3 towers of the town. They were built for defending it from Nazarí Kingdom of Granada and later from pirates.
  • Wreckage Isabella. In 1855 after a big storm a boat, the Isabella, ran aground in the town. The load was sculptures that were found in 1961. After an investigation in XXI Siècle the found that it was from contemporary era. It was a boat from Geneva to Calcutta that was shipwrecked in Torrequebrada.
  • Bil-Bil Castle. A building in the Promenade that has neoislam style and it is an icon of the town. It was of Hermann couple but they haven’t never lived there. After that it was of an American family and later of a mercenary. The mercenary sold it to the local government.
The Bil-Bil Castle in the Promenade


  • Colomares Castle. Monument built between 1987 and 1994 as a tribute to Cristobal Colon and the Discover of America. There it is the smallest chapel in the world and an empty mausoleum.
Colomares Castle

Benalmadena has a lot of thing for going. It has an amusement park (Tivoli World, the only one in Costa del Sol), two aquariums (Sea Life Benalmadena and Dolphinarium and Penguinarium Selwo Marina), a cable car, a casino (Casino Torrequebrada) and a butterfly’s house, the biggest one in Europe.

Puerto Marina is a Marina inaugurated in 1982. Here you have the Maritime Nautical Club of Benalmadena and a lot of shops and restaurants.

Benalmadena is a good place for living, and if it is in Reserva del Higuerón, so much better.

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