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How to celebrate Halloween this year?

In a few days Halloween is celebrated, again another time of the year when we dress up as some terrifying character and surround ourselves with pumpkins. This date becomes a perfect excuse to spend a night celebrating a party with friends at home.

If you cannot figure out what to do that night, we’ll give you a few options to choose from:

Halloween atmosphere at home

Before any activity at home you must decorate it, at least the rooms in which your guests will be. First of all, the pumpkins. You cannot miss the decorated pumpkins, these are mainly empty and make faces; you can also be more original and create a scene of terror inside the pumpkin. You can place them where you like best at home and buy other small toys.

Your guests will need to go to the bathroom, and are they afraid to come in? For your bathroom to become a scene of terror all you need is some red paint and turn it into a bloody scene. Red footprints on the floor, on the mats and on the curtains handprints with a message of help…

Lighting is also important, especially a low lighting and tent to darkness. To create such an atmosphere candles are your best ally, although you can also use small led lights as well as lanterns. There are many products for Halloween-related lighting that will help you create a unique place.

And put a lot of toy spiders as well as their web, with this you will be able to decorate corners in your house.

You have to be in disguise

If you organize a Halloween party at home, only those who come in disguise will be able to enter, otherwise don’t let them pass. Tonight it’s essential to disguise yourself as some terrifying character: Frankenstein, the exorcist’s girl, zombie, witch, etc. Although you will be able to disguise yourself of any character that you want although this one not of fear, although this last characteristic would be more amusing.

Some activities to enjoy

  • If you live in a block of buildings or a community of neighbors, you can organize with the neighbors a tour for disguised children to go from house to house to get candy. Always using the official phrase “trick or treat?
  • A marathon of scary movies, to be chosen according to age. If it’s a family party where the little ones are, you can put Monsters SA, Casper or Hotel Transilvania. For adults there is a great repertoire to choose from psychological and terrifying thrillers.
  • With a dark room you have the best stage to tell scary stories. Accompany your stories with a flashlight that only gives light to your face and in the key moments of the story turn it off.
  • Role-play, each guest is a character and there has been a murder, and between questions and answers you must find out who was the murderer.

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