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Feng Shui, a traditional way for decorating your home in Reserva del Higuerón

It is getting fashionable decorating the house according with the Feng Shui, if you don’t know what it is or how to do it, in this post we explain everything.

Feng Shui is a philosophic system of the ancient China and it is based in the conscious and harmonic occupation of the space.

Those are some tips for Feng Shui in your home:

  • Put family photos, souvenirs and happy decoration in the house.
  • Put the bed diagonally, not in front of the door neither under a window.
Bedroom of Rivera del Higuerón Collection
  • Decorate the table of the dining room with candles, flowers or whatever you want.
Decoration of one house of The Hill Collection
  • From the sofa or the armchair you should see the door and windows.
  • The best colours for the hall are pink salmon or light yellow.
  • Ordering and cleaning are very important in all the house, but they are most important in the kitchen and in bathrooms.
  • The hall should has a good illumination, being in order and without anything broken.
  • The hall is one of the most important area for Feng Shui, it is the entrance for the chi and it is an area for first impressions.
  • In the living room we are going to stay a lot of time so the furniture should be comfortable.
Living room of one house of The Palm Collection
  • The best light is the solar one.
Big windows in a house of The Bay Collection
  • Doors should open perfectly.
  • Mirrors shouldn’t reflect people while they are sleeping.
  • The best colours are warm colours.
  • Hallways should be passable, without obstacles.
Hallway of a house of Altos del Higuerón Collection
  • It shouldn’t have dampness or dirt.

Those tips are normal tips for every house.

Come and know better our luxury houses in Reserva del Higuerón.

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