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Family outings in Malaga

New year, new family plans! When a new year begins, many of us want to set new goals but it is common for us to leave them abandoned within a few days or weeks for lack of motivation.
Therefore, today we want to help you achieve one of your goals, exercise more. But how are we going to help you? Well, we want to make it very easy, we propose family plans for weekends … And without leaving Malaga!

One of the gifts we have in the province of Malaga is the coast and the mountains. We can enjoy natural sites such as the Sierra de Ronda or the beaches and routes of the Nerja caves.

In this blog you will find different plans with your family without having to go far. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading.

Mijas Costa

This hiking trail is ideal for the little ones of the house, since it runs along the coastal path, which is a wooden walkway that aims to unite the entire Malaga coast.
Apart from being a simple route, the views are spectacular, as you will walk along the coast and you can enjoy both its fauna and its flora.


You can start the road in the Dunes of Artola, where you will find a parking space. During the tour you can enjoy dunes, both fossil and mobile during the year.
This route, like the previous one, has hardly any slope, so we recommend it to everyone, be as old as you are.

Stone Fountain Lagoon

This is a nature reserve where you can discover the importance of birds. Now it is a wetland, but it has been used since Roman times as a source of obtaining salt. In addition, the most abundant bird in this lagoon is flamenco, a species worthy of observing.
The perfect time to visit it is autumn and spring, so you can start planning your escape for spring 2020.

Did you like our hiking destinations? We will bring you more soon!

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