Valle de Málaga
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Discover Hiking routes offered by Málaga

Hiking is a healthy activity in the countryside which not need a high physical effort. That walking are done through trails which different characteristics depends on difficulty level.

This physical activity gives you several benefits such as:

  • Improved muscular fitness.
  • Improved cardio-respiratory fitness.
  • Increased our self-esteem.
  • Breath fresh air.

Due to its location near Málara, Reserva del Higuerón is close to wide variety of designed hiking  routes  for beginners and experts. We encourage you to plan a getaway to nature and enjoy what offers us. Some of the recommended routes are:

  • Poza de la Virgen trail: this trail is located in Balneario of Tolox. At he end of the trail you will enjoy the waterfalls that are in the Sierra de las Nieves (Nature reserve). It is a simple route parallel to the river (Caballos River) and even, at the beginning of the trail you will find some pools where you can cool yourself off by bathing in the pool (for summer or spring).
  • El Juana – La Concha: south of Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, we also find this one which will consist of climb up La Concha Peak (1.215 m) starting the route from the Refugio Juanar Hotel (Marbella). This peak is a fantastic viewpoint where you can enjoy the entire Coast of the Costa del Sol. There are two possibilities to the route: one goes through Juanar and another leaves Istán (this is a hard route, not recommended for beginners). Undoubtedly, it is a route for people more trained in hiking and fearless of heights.
  • Campo de Cámara: near the village of Casabermeja there is a circular journey whose interest lies in the agriculture and ethnographic theme. The route will start from the town centre and you will travel along an asphalted section, and the first thing you will find will be cereal fields (oats, wheat or barley). This route is characterized by agricultural landscape that will vary according to the season.
  • Las Contadoras-Pocopán: a privilege that Málaga can boast about is to host the Natural Park of the Montes de Málaga. This road will lead you to one of its best known phats, the Pocopán estate, whose history is related to the existence of vineyards. In addition to this this route, Montes de Málaga offers a large number of trails and thick groves to enjoy. This path will start in a pine forest and the path will lead you to the center of this Natural Park. This route ends at the viewpoint of Pocopán where the final reward will be to enjoy fantastic and unique views.
  • Sierra de Humo: on this route located in the El Chorro área you will be able to walk through unique ladscapes that are formed by the limestone escarpments that will be seen all along the Way. Millions of years ago, this área was covered by sea, which led to the existence of marine fossil deposits. If you are interesed in bird watching, this route offers you the opportunity to see the migratory path of a great variety of species in the months of March or April.
  • Ruta al pico de Mijas (La Bola): La Bola “is the name by which the mountain range of Mijas is commonly known. This route starts in the town of Mijas. It will be an ascending road, whose first contact will be with an area “recovered” from the fires it has suffered in recent decades. As you go along the route you will be able to enjoy fantastic views of the Costa del Sol. Even though it has suffered the consequences of fires, an important ecosystem is still preserved.

This sport activity is combined with tourism, you will get the physical benefits already mentioned above and also make tourism knowing new places. Do not hesitate, organize a route and enjoy.

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