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Cómo puede beneficiar la eficiencia energética en las viviendas

How energy efficiency can benefit homes

Public places, as well as your own home, are places where most of your day-to-day life takes place. These can range from the flat or house where we live, the office where we work, the commercial centre where we work, the shopping centre where we shop, the school where we study or the bar where

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Guía sobre el proceso de compra de una propiedad en España

Guide to buying a property in Spain

Introduction This is not intended to be a complete buyer’s guide, but rather an insight into the process of buying a property in Spain, which is likely to be different from that in your home country. As is the case everywhere, the cost of buying a property is not just the selling price. There are

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otoño en malaga

Autumn in Malaga

The countdown begins… On September 22 we already have autumn with us. But if you love summer, do not be discouraged, we will try not to miss it. Malaga is a wonderful land in autumn, we tell you the reasons and we propose an ideal plan! If you enjoy good weather, don’t worry, Malaga’s climate

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consejos covid

Sitios de la Costa del Sol para evitar las aglomeraciones

Do you feel like taking a getaway but are worried about crowds? No problem! Today we recommend places on the Costa del Sol where you can enjoy the outdoors and without any fear of being crowded. Fancy a bit of hiking? Well, our first recommendation is the Cañada del Lobo Natural Viewpoint in Torremolinos. It

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deporte acuatico malaga

Water sports to practice in Costa del Sol

Do you practice water sports or would you like to get started in them? The Costa del Sol is your ideal place to practice your favorite activity. You want to know why? We will tell you! The Costa del Sol has 161 kilometers of coastline with 12 marinas that have a wide range of active

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parque familia

Enjoy with your family in Malaga: gardens and parks

Recently we talked about the best hiking trails in the province of Malaga to spend the day with the family. Today we also want to talk to you about family, but this time we will talk about tourist places like parks and gardens to spend any Saturday or Sunday with the little ones in the

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Familia Malaga

Family outings in Malaga

New year, new family plans! When a new year begins, many of us want to set new goals but it is common for us to leave them abandoned within a few days or weeks for lack of motivation. Therefore, today we want to help you achieve one of your goals, exercise more. But how are

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Since we started the activity of Reserva del Higuerón Privé, our eagerness to blend in with nature and respect the place offered by the reserve led us to build conscientiously and with great respect for the environment Therefore, today we want to talk about a concept that we have very internalized and that, in addition,

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Restaurante Costa de Sol


The Costa del Sol is a tourist destination desired by those who are looking for a vacation where they can enjoy the sun and the beach. In addition to the weather, tourists who come here also want to try the best tastings of the Mediterranean diet. BOHO CLUB MARBELLA The Marbella’s Golden Mile incorporates a

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Stupa Hills

Passivhaus – Building a future

Since we started the activity of Reserva del Higuerón Privé, our eagerness to blend in with nature and respect the place offered by the reserve led us to build conscientiously and with great respect for the environment. Therefore, today we want to talk about a concept that we have very internalized and that, in addition,

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Peninsula Villas

Peninsula Villas | Discover our work of art

Have you heard of Peninsula Villas? Today we want to present a work of art with Privé seal. Before going into detail, we want you to have some information on how the Peninsula concept was born; Our purpose was to capture what we understand by art in a promotion that goes beyond. Peninsula Villas is

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Theresa Zabell

RH Privé People | Theresa Zabell

From Reserva del Higuerón Privé we want to present a new concept that we have been developing to show you the wealth of people we have in our community: RH Privé People RH Privé People wants to bring you interviews, experiences and fantastic stories of people who live or are linked to our Privé community.

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palmeras 25

What to expect from Palmeras 25?

Today we come to talk about a very special project that we have in Reserva del Higuerón Privé: Las Palmeras 25 Las Palmeras 25 is not just a building to live in. With it, we want to create a concept different from the merely residential one. For us, the value of this project is the

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What is around Reserva del Higuerón?

Reserva del Higuerón is more than an urbanization; It’s a lifestyle, it’s Mediterranean, it’s sunny and many more things that you will discover. Since 1998, that the first sketches began to come to life, this neighbourhood has not stopped changing and transforming the Costa del Sol based on three fundamental pillars: quality, design and services.

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What to see in Costa del Sol?

The Costa del Sol is the southern region of Spain located in Málaga. It is one of the most touristic areas of the peninsula, thanks to the good weather we have around the entire coast. The luck of living in Malaga is, without doubt, having the best climate in Europe. This, together with everything offered

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What can you have dinner this Christmas with Malaga cuisine?

December is here and everybody are stressed with Christmas lunch. It is time of lunches with family and friends. Christmas Eve could be the most important night and an opportunity to show what you are able to cook. The main objective is impressing with tastes as well as the presentation of the table. If you

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Possible plans for the next December holiday

Within two weeks is the much awaited December holiday, and for those who can take it on vacation is an opportunity to rest as well as activities. Close to Reserva del Higuerón, there are several options of activities to enjoy on those days off: You can still enjoy the Exhibition of Dolls’ Houses and Toys

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Living on the Costa del Sol is a luxury

We have said several times, Costa del Sol is a perfect place to live. Reserva del Higuerón is in the middle of this area, offering you all the necessary commodities for a quiet or busy life. Maybe you do not believe us, so today we tell you about this place. It is consider one of

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How to celebrate Halloween this year?

In a few days Halloween is celebrated, again another time of the year when we dress up as some terrifying character and surround ourselves with pumpkins. This date becomes a perfect excuse to spend a night celebrating a party with friends at home. If you cannot figure out what to do that night, we’ll give

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