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Autumn in Malaga

The countdown begins… On September 22 we already have autumn with us. But if you love summer, do not be discouraged, we will try not to miss it. Malaga is a wonderful land in autumn, we tell you the reasons and we propose an ideal plan!

If you enjoy good weather, don’t worry, Malaga’s climate is very mild in autumn, with very mild minimum temperatures, rainfall is low and wind speeds are low. In addition, you will not miss the sun, since Malaga has an average of 2,901 hours of sunshine per year. As you can see, the weather is very pleasant.

Now that the temperatures are going to drop a little, it is an ideal time to go to the interior of the province and make plans outdoors. Malaga has many natural areas, trails, recreational areas and leisure and adventure activities.

Our autumn recommendation is a trip to the Montes de Málaga Natural Park, to avoid crowds, enjoy a natural environment and … recharge your batteries by taking a typical dish from the mountains of Malaga! A combo dish served at roadside sales, inland restaurants, and tapas places. The plate of the mountains is made with tenderloin, roasted peppers, fried egg, chorizo ​​and fried potatoes. Blunt, right?

Other typical Malaga dishes to enjoy in autumn are gazpachuelo or migas.

But if you can’t resist leaving the beaches even if it’s autumn, you can take advantage of the good weather to go for a walk or take some beautiful photos.

We hope that now you fancy a little more that autumn arrives in Malaga, the key is to enjoy the advantages of each season!

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