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Advantages of buying a home over renting it

We know that one of the most important decisions you will have to make and that you will need to take the time to think about is the purchase of your home. Besides, you have the question: Should I rent or buy? Choosing to buy a home means making a high investment, which will have to be considered, but which will bring many advantages in the long term.

Among the advantages you get when buying a home:

  • Owning a tangible asset: by owning a home we are dealing with a good that can be touched as well as being able to enjoy it. It gives us a sense of possession that gives us security as well as stability in life.
  • Good mortgage moment: current interest rates are at record lows.
  • Your house, your rules: even if it is a basic idea, it is not something that everyone has. Many of the people who are renting a home must adhere to the landlord’s rules. However, when you buy your own home you can decorate and organize it to your own style and whim.
  • A place to enjoy in your retirement: when you are retired, the house will be yours. You will be able to enjoy it to the fullest and in case you need money you could sell it.

Renting also has advantages, among which you would find:

  • You don’t need a lot of money saved up. It will always be necessary to have an amount of money before you decide to rent but it will be much less than buying a home.
  • Freedom of movement: you will not be tied to the place, i.e. for personal or work reasons you can easily move house and place.
  • Savings in extraordinary expenses: the owner will be the one who will take care of repairs, breakdowns, taxes, spills that are approved in the community as well as the insurance of the property.

Both options have good advantages where the choice of one or the other will depend on the situation of each person. However, buying a home will give you the security of having a place to live and being able to establish a life.

If you are thinking of taking the step and buying a dream home in the Costa del Sol, we invite you to get to know Las Palmeras 25. A place where you can live differently in a new residential concept, your home will have:

  • You will be able to forget about the car, as your home will be strategically located and with access to an endless number of possible services.
  • Quality homes that go hand in hand with the latest design.
  • Large common areas for quiet strolling and even sports activities.
  • The customization of your home. Comfort, quality finishes, brightness for the entire home and comfort will be the qualities with which your home will.

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