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A walk in Marbella, some kilometres from Reserva del Higueron

Marbella is one of the most luxury cities of Spain. Puerto Banus, its marina, is a symbol of that. We have talked about it, if you want to know more about Puerto Banus, here you have more information.

But Marbella is much more than that. Marbella is a beautiful city and its old town have beautiful places. The best thing is that it is only 30 minutes from Reserva del Higueron, perfect for having a relaxing day.

Interesting places in Marbella.

  • Old Bazan Hospital. It is a building of the XVI siècle that represents the Renaissance civil architecture of Marbella. Nowadays there is the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, the only one in Spanish.

  • Ancha Street. Is a majestic street where, in the past, people used to enter to Marbella, by Ronda Door. Here the richest citizens lived in big houses.

  • Town Hall. It is in the Naranjos Square and it was built by the Catholic Kings. It is Renaissance with a solar clock, badges and commemorative tombstones.

  • The Chief Magistrate House. Its façade is of blazoned stone with Gothic and Renaissance elements.
  • Collection of 10 bronze sculptures designed by Salvador Dalí. They are big replicas of the originals.

  • Santiago Chapel. It is the oldest religion building of Marbella, of the XV siècle. With only one rectangular nave and covered with double Moorish tiles.
  • Santa María de la Encarnación Church. It seems more a cathedral than a church because its size. It has a basilica floor with some lateral chapels.
  • Alameda Park. Here there are a lot of events and little markets. It is the most ancient park in Marbella, the first plants were seeded in the XVII siècle.

  • Church Square. It is dominated by the San Bernabé monument in front of Santa María de la Encarnación Church.
  • Naranjos Square. It was built in the XV siècle and it represents the Arabic and Cristian culture. Here, in the past, there were the jail and the corn trade.

  • Rest of the Arabic wall and castle. It is declared Good of Culture Interest and they are rest of a walled area in the XI siècle.

Enjoy a unforgettable walk near to you luxury house in Reserva del Higueron.

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